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Wet Bulk

Say the word ‘tanker’ and your mind immediately goes to the giant VLCCs which deliver much of the world’s crude oil. But there’s more to the sector than crude and petroleum products: liquid bulk carriers also transport gases, chemicals, edible oils, molasses and bitumen.


We meets the specific needs of the AOG, MRO and related industries to provide fast, dependable and efficient delivery of aircraft parts. Offering a seamless, single-source service from the supplier's door to delivery, we take responsibility for the entire supply chain.


More and more people are opting for a holiday afloat. And the cruise sector is changing to accommodate the demand for new locations, niche tours and fresh experiences beyond the traditional. As a cruise operator, wherever you go.


Control is essential in the Healthcare sector - after all it is an area that affects the well-being of people. The strong regulatory framework surrounding the Healthcare industry requires exemplary business practices, with strict quality control and transparency at every stage of the supply chain. Manufacturers are also constantly seeking.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas drive the world. Energy derived from them lights homes, fuels vehicles and powers industries globally. Getting that energy to consumers is one thing, providing upstream supply support for the exploration, development and extraction processes is another. GAC meets those needs by integrating every individual customer’s upstream.

Ship Owners / Operators

Whatever you need, wherever you go. That’s our promise to owners and operators of all kinds of vessels both at ports around the world and at sea. our global network, resources and range of shipping, logistics and marine services and solutions, mean it can meet every conceivable need of your vessels, including special one-off and emergency services.


Getting essential infrastructure installed and operating in difficult locations is a constant challenge for engineers. Long experience with this kind of work makes US a strong partner for reducing the sweat and stress.

Dry Bulk

Dry bulk is big business. Whether it’s coal to China, wheat from Wyoming or iron ore in India, dry bulk commodities keep the world’s machinery running, the wheels of industry turning and people fed.

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